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Video Marketing Blog

This page is a blog which examines the use of video and multimedia as a means to improve  your business' brand and marketability. We will regularly highlight ways in which you can use video to improve web marketing, google position and searchability. It also follows our special interest in cinematography and the production processes used in creating outstanding examples of DSLR video.If you have any questions, or areas that you'd like us to provide information on then please email us via the 'contact us' section of this website to let us know what you'd like to see.


Want Your Video To Go Viral?

In the age of internet marketing, there is virtually nothing that appears to be more effective at building brand recognition than creating a viral video to be seen by tens or hundreds of thousands of people. If you are really clever, maybe you can even get a million or more viewers. Can you imagine the […]


How to Create a Successful Vlog

You have probably heard of a blog, but do you know what a vlog is? Vlog is short for video blog, and it’s a way to connect with your audience and provide them with valuable content. It’s still a new phenomenon, but is likely to continue growing over the coming years. You should be taking […]


How to Drive Traffic to Your Videos

You have a great video and put it online, but you find that no one is watching it. What’s going on? Did you do something wrong? Is the lighting bad? Is the marketing message off? The answer to these questions is: not necessarily. You could have done a great job on the video, but not […]


How to Write a Commercial Script

Airing a commercial for your business, whether on TV or online, is an exciting opportunity but it’s also a nerve-racking one. There are so many factors to take into consideration as the last thing you want is to hurt your image. Here are several pointers to ensure that shooting a commercial is a positive experience. […]


How to Make Your Videos Look Professional

When it comes to marketing and advertising, the last thing you want is to come off looking like an amateur. Whether it is your magazine ad, company logo or website, you want to look professional and trustworthy to promote your brand. And the same is true with video marketing. But how do you make your […]


5 Tips for Effectively Using YouTube for Video Marketing

YouTube has completely revolutionised video marketing. In the past, if you wanted to run a video advertising campaign, you had to purchase air time on a TV station. The cost of doing so could be extremely expensive, especially if you wanted to run your ad on a popular channel during prime hours. YouTube has made […]


5 Small Business Video Marketing Tips

Many small business owners think that video marketing is only for big corporations, but nothing could be further from the truth. Videos are still one of the best ways to find prospects, build an audience, and connect with customers. Modern technology and the internet make video marketing affordable for any company, regardless of their budget. […]


3 Steps to Better Video Production Quality

Video has become an increasingly important part of a strong media strategy. It allows you to engage your target market and differentiate your brand with quality content that viewers can relate to. Consumers turn to networks such as YouTube and Facebook to share and discover new videos. But quality is an important aspect that often […]


4 Benefits of Using Explainer Videos on Landing Pages

Video is rapidly becoming a popular medium for companies to attract and engage with audiences around the world. The widespread usage of social media is only accelerating the growth of this medium. Your business can greatly benefit from the implementation of a strong video strategy. And especially with explainer videos. An explainer video is specifically […]


9 Tips For Better Video Production Quality

Videos are highly valuable assets as part of a digital marketing strategy. Reports highlight a significant growth in online video consumption. Video represents an opportunity for brands to reach an even wider audience online. But the challenge lies in producing a quality video. Your video must deliver value and engage your audience while maintaining a […]


The Optimal Length For Certain Online Videos

Consumers are increasingly shifting their attention online, especially towards videos. Research shows that an increasing number of Australians are viewing online videos. This trend is largely driven by growth of social media usage and widespread adoption of mobile devices. A video strategy has become increasingly important as part of an online marketing campaign to drive […]


How to Increase Video Views Using Social Media

Video is a powerful medium to drive business objectives. A well-produced video distinguishes your brand. It attracts your target market with the added potential to increase your bottom line. A strong video strategy also gives your business a significant competitive advantage. New research shows growing usage of online video consumption for Australians of all ages. […]


5 Tips to Writing a Compelling Video Script

Producing videos is an effective way for your business to connect and engage with your audience. But one difficult aspect is writing the script. The message of the video is extremely important otherwise viewers will drop off due to low interest. Ask yourself these important questions even before getting with the script: Who is the […]


Making the Most From Your Video Production Efforts

Video production can be an intimidating endeavor. But it can also result in a drastic improvement to your bottom line by increasing brand awareness and bringing in new customers. Video represents a significant growth opportunity. Reports indicate that an increasing number of Australians are spending more time viewing online videos. This is significant as it […]


A Guide to Higher YouTube Video Search Rankings

Video consumption continues to increase dramatically. Companies that invest in video production are able to benefit significantly in terms of: Attracting targeted traffic Increasing product sales Generating brand awareness Being more visible online Gaining a competitive advantage Using video offers a cost effective way for your business to reach its target market. This delivers significant […]


How Video Production Increases Online Conversions

4/10/2014 Are you looking for ways to increase your online traffic? Are your product pages failing to convert visitors into paying customers? These are common issues that business owners and marketers around the world constantly face. And there is no clear cut answer. There are numerous marketing techniques that are highly effective for generating targeted […]


The 3 Most Common Video Production Mistakes

03/04/2014 Video production is highly effective for growing your online presence and reaching your target market. Numerous case studies have also shown the impact video has on conversion rates. This makes sense as videos are a powerful way to showcase products and tell an engaging story. Videos can be used for much more than just […]


4 Steps to Getting Better YouTube Marketing Results

27/03/2014 Video marketing can deliver a significant return on investment in terms of targeted traffic and leads. Your business could be potentially leaving a lot of money on the table if you are not already leveraging this marketing medium. YouTube represents a significant opportunity as it is now the fourth most visited website according to […]


Is Outsourcing Video Production Right For Your Company?

06/03/2014 Video production can be highly beneficial for your business and can generate a significant return on your investment. Even simple training videos and product demonstrations can easily be created yourself and help save money in the process. But video production requires consistent effort to deliver measurable results. One of the challenges is maintaining a […]


3 Tips to Get Better Results With B2B Video Production

20/02/2014 Video production is highly effective for attracting targeted traffic and creating brand awareness. Numerous online retailers have successfully leveraged video to generate a significant return with a number of case studies to back up the results. The impact on conversions rates is significant. Video production can prove to be a valuable investment but what […]


4 Steps to Creating an Explainer Video

13/02/2014 Explainer videos are short videos that give visitors a more detailed overview about your products or services. These videos are designed to create interest in your company and increase engagement with your audience. Benefits of explainer videos include: Creating a compelling message Generating brand awareness Removing any confusion Ranking better in the search engines […]


How to Generate More Leads on Social Media With Video

06/02/2014 Companies are always looking for new ways to generate better results with their marketing. Crafting a compelling video for your audience can create additional brand awareness and work for lead generation. But integrating video into your campaign requires strategic planning and implementation. The following are 3 steps to generate more targeted leads for your […]


3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Video Marketing Campaigns

28/01/2014 Video is one of the fastest growing ad formats online. Numerous case studies have shown that users are more engaged when viewing videos compared to text or images. The results are even more impressive for online sales. Research has demonstrated that demo videos on product pages have a strong impact on conversion rates, leading […]


8 Video Production Secrets Revealed

21/01/2014 Videos are a powerful way to increase conversions for your website and create awareness around your brand. Positive results have already been proven beneficial for numerous online retailers as videos can engage directly with audiences in a way that even pictures cannot match. Needless to say, producing videos for your business can generate a […]


Deciding Whether You Should Outsource Video Production | Spectrum Video

14/01/2014 Producing videos can be extremely valuable for your business as it helps to: Engage with your target market Increase brand awareness Convert more visitors into customers Generate targeted traffic Better inform your audience Numerous case studies have shown the drastic impact that videos have on conversion rates, particularly for online retailers. Whether you sell […]